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Rung 6: 8 Bends, 10 crunches, 10 leg lifts, 6 sissy pushups, 255 steps running in place, 21 jumping jacks. As per usual, not dramatically harder than the previous rungs were at the start.

Weight/Diet: Cheated by going to Old Juan's on my Wednesday date night, put on 2.5 pounds from my Wednesday morning weight by Friday, still down 4 pounds net since last update. I think the walking is making a pretty big difference.

Overall, I'm down about 30 pounds from my initial weigh-in, still have about 120 pounds to go (if I were to set weight as a goal). It's a big hill, but I'm making progress. Clothes fitting better, more stamina, all that good stuff.
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Rung 5 today. 225 steps running in place, 21 jumping jacks, 7 bends, 9 leg lifts, 9 crunches, 5 push ups (sissy style). It was harder than the previous weeks, but I suspect that's because I wound up getting very little sleep last night. Still, nothing crippling.

Down 1.5 pounds from last week. I think I'm going to stick with my "mostly water" drinking plan. Previously, I was drinking 24-30 diet sodas per week, I've had .. maybe 4? since cutting back, primarily as caffeine supplements.

I've been thinking about documenting with photos, taking some slump-shouldered, frowning "before" pictures, preferably in front of the wreckage of a burning car, with the background littered with empty ice cream boxes. You know, just to really capture the standard "diet supplement before picture" feel.. :)
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After eating at the delicious Basque restaurant on Friday, I had a bit of a willpower problem, and proceeded to cheat on my diet all weekend (mmm, baked potato slathered in sour cream and butter and bacon). I succeeded in putting on 3 pounds for my trouble.

I then decided to remove diet soda and "low-carb" sweets from my diet, and subsequently lost 4.5 pounds over the course of the week, so despite my decision to cheat like crazy, I'm still a pound and a half down from last week.

I've been drinking a lot of water, probably close to the mythical eight-glasses-a-day, which is good for me, I hear. If you believe in diet advice which nobody can actually source to any sort of scientific research. However, I now feel like I'm literally pissing my life away.

Just finished my first day of Rung 4 of the exercise ladder. 200 steps running in place, 14 jumping jacks, 6 bends, 4 push ups, 8 leg lifts, 7 sit ups. Almost exactly double the amount of exercise I was doing when I first started, and aside from being winded at the end of my 5 minutes of exercise, I'm not suffering for it.

I can definitely tell that I'm improving in stamina - I'm getting to about 120 steps before I'm starting to breathe harder, where it was closer to 40 or 50 steps at the start of the program. It's probably time to pick up the pace a bit more so I'm getting my heart rate up earlier in the exercises.
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Down one pound from last week.

Just did rung 3 of the exercise ladder - running 170 steps, 14 jumping jacks, 4 bends, 6 crunches, 6 leg lifts, 3 push ups (sissy style).

It's not making me feel worse or requiring more time than the initial exercises. Very very mild muscle soreness sometimes, but I can also definitely tell I have more endurance, and I feel stronger. Whether that's placebo or not I can't say. I'm looking forward to being a bit lighter so I can start walking to work without wrecking myself, once I'm able to do that it should significantly accelerate my weight loss, to the tune of an extra 2 pounds a week, assuming I don't wind up needing to eat more to maintain my energy levels.

I went ahead and broke my diet last night to go to the 10th Street Vineyard Cafe (fuck, their site is a horrible flash monstrosity with annoying easy listening techno music), and it was totally worth it, although I anticipate I'm not going to wind up losing weight for the next week as a result. A good time had by all.

Tonight, it is the housewarming for Kurt, Candace, Bryan, and Amanda, which should be entertaining. Summer is ramping up, and promises to be awesome.
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Started rung 2 on Saturday - 3 bends, 3 pushups (easy), 4 situps, 5 leg lifts, running 140 steps, 7 jumping jacks. Winded, but not terrible, no significant muscle pain. My abs hurt, but I suspect that's from other activities, and I'll not complain on that front.

Down 1 pound from the last update. I suspect my progress would be faster if I hadn't had coke as part of my cocktails at the Monkey Ranch Hootenanny last weekend. Unfortunately, I'll probably be cheating on my diet again this weekend to go to dinner at the 10th Street Vineyard Grill, but it's one of my favorite restaurants and about a once-a-year thing. I just need to be better about making exceptions to the diet in general, but this particular case is acceptable.
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I've started exercising, and the results confirm what a giant cream puff I have turned into. On a scale of 1-10 on creampuffery, I rank somewhere in the high 9s. The flakiness of my exterior is only exceeded by the sweetness of my cream. (See how I just guaranteed a comment by [livejournal.com profile] soymlk?)

I am on rung 1 of the exercise ladder from the Hacker's Diet.

2 bends, 3 sit ups, 4 leg lifts, 2 sissy push-ups, 7 jumping jacks, and running in place for 105 steps.

It hurts me.

However, since it's all simple body-resistance exercises I can do in my room with no special equipment in <20 minutes, I have no excuse not to do it. The first time I did it, I was concerned that I might have a heart attack as I staggered around my room breathing hard and wondering if I was going to vomit. Yesterday was day 4. My calves hurt today from the running and the jumping jacks, but I wasn't crippled when I was done.

I've lost about 20 pounds from restarting the diet in February, which is slow by Atkins standards but I'm okay with that. So it's progress. Slow, and not an impressive feat, but progress nonetheless.

I've been keeping track of my spending as well. I've got a budget spreadsheet and everything, courtesy of Google Docs.

It's almost like I'm a responsible adult or something.

Speaking of responsible adults, you know you're old when you're in a car full of people having a conversation about how being responsible is awesome. And you're participating and agreeing.


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