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Birthdate:Sep 6
Location:California, United States of America
I'm just zis guy, you know?

Interests (140):

adventure, affection, aikido, amber, anime, art, artificial intelligence, ashland, being a good person, books, breakbeats, breaks, burning man, burningman, chemistry, cognitive liberty, cognitive science, comedy, computer games, computers, constellations, conversation, conversations, cuddling, culture, dance, dancing, dark movies, dreams, drugs, ethics, fantasy, freedom, friends, games, gaming, geek girls, geeks, generosity, girls, go, good friends, happiness, hardcore, history, honesty, hot tubs, hugging, hugs, intelligence, japan, japanese candy, japanese culture, joy, jungle, kissing, knowledge, language, languages, learning, liberty, linguistics, linux, liquid, literature, love, lucidity, m:tg, machiavelli, macintosh, mad scientists, martial arts, meditation, movies, music, mythology, neurolinguistics, nighttime, nrg, os x, parties, peace, people watching, perl, personal responsibility, philosophy, physics, popping, programming, psychology, puzzles, ranting, raves, reading, realization, ritual, road trips, role-playing, role-playing games, roleplaying, rpgs, san luis obispo, satire, sci-fi, science, science fiction, science-fiction, self knowledge, silence, smart people, socializing, staying up late, story telling, tai chi, talking, taoism, techno, technology, theology, thinking, toys, trance, transmission of wisdom, travel, truth, understanding things, unix, video games, walking, web design, wireless networking, wisdom, wit, women, word games, words, world domination, worthwhile people, writing, zen
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