Apr. 12th, 2008

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Down one pound from last week.

Just did rung 3 of the exercise ladder - running 170 steps, 14 jumping jacks, 4 bends, 6 crunches, 6 leg lifts, 3 push ups (sissy style).

It's not making me feel worse or requiring more time than the initial exercises. Very very mild muscle soreness sometimes, but I can also definitely tell I have more endurance, and I feel stronger. Whether that's placebo or not I can't say. I'm looking forward to being a bit lighter so I can start walking to work without wrecking myself, once I'm able to do that it should significantly accelerate my weight loss, to the tune of an extra 2 pounds a week, assuming I don't wind up needing to eat more to maintain my energy levels.

I went ahead and broke my diet last night to go to the 10th Street Vineyard Cafe (fuck, their site is a horrible flash monstrosity with annoying easy listening techno music), and it was totally worth it, although I anticipate I'm not going to wind up losing weight for the next week as a result. A good time had by all.

Tonight, it is the housewarming for Kurt, Candace, Bryan, and Amanda, which should be entertaining. Summer is ramping up, and promises to be awesome.


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