Mar. 28th, 2008

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I've started exercising, and the results confirm what a giant cream puff I have turned into. On a scale of 1-10 on creampuffery, I rank somewhere in the high 9s. The flakiness of my exterior is only exceeded by the sweetness of my cream. (See how I just guaranteed a comment by [ profile] soymlk?)

I am on rung 1 of the exercise ladder from the Hacker's Diet.

2 bends, 3 sit ups, 4 leg lifts, 2 sissy push-ups, 7 jumping jacks, and running in place for 105 steps.

It hurts me.

However, since it's all simple body-resistance exercises I can do in my room with no special equipment in <20 minutes, I have no excuse not to do it. The first time I did it, I was concerned that I might have a heart attack as I staggered around my room breathing hard and wondering if I was going to vomit. Yesterday was day 4. My calves hurt today from the running and the jumping jacks, but I wasn't crippled when I was done.

I've lost about 20 pounds from restarting the diet in February, which is slow by Atkins standards but I'm okay with that. So it's progress. Slow, and not an impressive feat, but progress nonetheless.

I've been keeping track of my spending as well. I've got a budget spreadsheet and everything, courtesy of Google Docs.

It's almost like I'm a responsible adult or something.

Speaking of responsible adults, you know you're old when you're in a car full of people having a conversation about how being responsible is awesome. And you're participating and agreeing.


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